American Motor Drome Wall of Death

Motorcycle daredevils will be thrilling crowds every hour, riding vintage bikes on a vertical wall inside the American Motor Drome Wall of Death at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days July 5-7 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

A crowd favorite, the show features a motor drome — a silo-shaped wooden cylinder 30 feet across — and motorcycle riders performing trick, fancy and acrobatic riding along its vertical wall. Spectators stand at the top of the 14-foot wall and look down as the riders speed around the cylinder, passing within inches of the crowd.

“The Wall of Death riders know how to entertain a crowd and demonstrate amazing riding skills,” said AMA Chief Operations Officer Jeff Massey. “We are happy they are returning to AMA Vintage Motorcycles Days for 2019.”

The American Motor Drome Wall of Death riders will be performing a show every hour during AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.


Trials Exhibition

An observed trials exhibition performed by the Xtreme Trials riders during 2019 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days will demonstrate to spectators the extraordinary balance, patience and control needed for this gravity-defying type of competition.

The Xtreme Trials riders will maneuver bicycles and motorcycles over challenging obstacles to the delight and amazement of spectators.

For 2019, nine-time NATC Trials champion Pat Smage will join the Xtreme Trials line-up. A new obstacle, a 12-foot tall triangle called the “Triangle of Death,” will be added to the show.

The riders who participate in the Xtreme Trials exhibition compete in the NATC/AMA U.S. National MotoTrials Championship Series.

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